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I’ve never written or even read a blog until my Creative Writing class so I don’t even know how I’m supposed to approach it but here I go! My name is Catherine Kim and I was born and raised in Queens but my heart belongs in South Korea. Although I’ve only been to Korea once in my entire lifetime (right after my high school graduation), I always felt a connection to the country. Korea is what gave me my interest in LOVE, which will be my theme for the next few entries.

As a young child, I moved to a completely new environment and I couldn’t adjust or make any friends. My only companion, the only thing I could depend on, was my television. After school and completion of my school assignments, I would spend the rest of the day in front of the television watching the dramas that my mom rented from the Korean video store a block away. There was always a typical story line in every drama but I helplessly fell into it at a dangerous speed. Love at first sight, fate and tragedy all intrigued me. Because of these Korean dramas, I began to dream of my own love life. From that moment on, I was always wondering who I would fall in love with, how we would meet, and how long our love would last.

Through these blogs, I plan to look back into my past and reanalyze all the relationships I’ve been in. That sentence makes it sound like I’ve had billions of relationships but  in reality, I could count them with my ten fingers (maybe even less). Anywho, my thoughts are always jumbled in a large mess so through these blogs, I hope to organize my own thoughts and actually learn more about love and relationships.


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