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I’ve never written or even read a blog until my Creative Writing class so I don’t even know how I’m supposed to approach it but here I go! My name is Catherine Kim and I was born and raised in Queens but my heart belongs in South Korea. Although I’ve only been to Korea once in my entire lifetime (right after my high school graduation), I always felt a connection to the country. Korea is what gave me my interest in LOVE, which will be my theme for the next few entries.

As a young child, I moved to a completely new environment and I couldn’t adjust or make any friends. My only companion, the only thing I could depend on, was my television. After school and completion of my school assignments, I would spend the rest of the day in front of the television watching the dramas that my mom rented from the Korean video store a block away. There was always a typical story line in every drama but I helplessly fell into it at a dangerous speed. Love at first sight, fate and tragedy all intrigued me. Because of these Korean dramas, I began to dream of my own love life. From that moment on, I was always wondering who I would fall in love with, how we would meet, and how long our love would last.

Through these blogs, I plan to look back into my past and reanalyze all the relationships I’ve been in. That sentence makes it sound like I’ve had billions of relationships but  in reality, I could count them with my ten fingers (maybe even less). Anywho, my thoughts are always jumbled in a large mess so through these blogs, I hope to organize my own thoughts and actually learn more about love and relationships.



   Steve Mendoza

September 11, 2011 @ 6:24 PM

Thats awesome.

I am really shy in saying this but I hope you can read my two blog posts as well. I would be reading yours because I kind…of..also have a bit of problems finding my own special someone.

I can already tell your blog will be really helpful to me.



   jenny abeles

September 12, 2011 @ 11:11 AM

Wow, Catherine! For someone who has never even read a blog before, you hit your stride right out of the gate (that’s a horse-racing metaphor–I’ve got it on the brain lately). In a very brief piece of writing, you have given us much intriguing information about yourself and the development of a certain part of yourself. Your connection to Korea through television programs is very poignant and perhaps itself an apt metaphor for your subject, feelings of longing and love incited in you not by an intimate relationship–you weren’t *in* Korea–but through an idealized representation. How much of love and romance is idealized through how people represent themselves and how we choose to think about them?

Some of this writing is quite beautiful. I like “There was always a typical story line in every drama but I helplessly fell into it at a dangerous speed. Love at first sight, fate and tragedy all intrigued me. Because of these Korean dramas, I began to dream of my own love life. ” Your language is simple and direct yet you are discussing some of the most powerful experiences available to us. Very effective.

As I said in my comment to Michelle’s blog (you may want to read both her blog and my comment), you are going to be faced with some tough decisions about how much to reveal about yourself and *other people*. We will discuss this tension between the private and the public in two weeks, but you should be thinking about it now.

So far, I don’t see a “jumbled mess.” You’re off to a wonderful start!



October 4, 2011 @ 6:26 PM

Korean dramas! High five! I’m Chinese, but still a huge fan of Korean dramas. Although i do admit those dramas always had me running tears in front of my computer. The lovers in the dramas were often separated by life but in the end fate always brings them back together in one way or another.

Love. Many of us are a sucker for it. Even though at times love brings us nothing but pain, it’s the times that it brought us joy that we find it worth everything.

From your post, it seems like the fairy tales of love in dramas had you captivated into a fantasy. I have to agree. I too wish to meet prince charming. I too wish to experience such deep love in those dramas. But you need to be careful there. Sometimes us woman, are more in love with the ideal of love than we are with the actual person.

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