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Honestly, I wanted to change my theme because…well I broke up with my boyfriend of two years just a few days ago. ¬†But rather than changing the theme since its my last post anyway, I decided to add my experience with my ex-boyfriend to further analyze love and relationships.

You may think I’m making my post too personal, but…its okay. I think I can handle the criticism. ūüôā

I honestly thought I would get married with the guy. I was able to experience the happiness of being with another person, through him. In the past, I was never able to feel a connection with any other guy but when I first met him at the academy I work in, I knew we were meant to be. He was an older brother of a student at the academy and he was waiting in the main office (my office) for his brother’s lesson to be over. We made eye contact and the next day, he came and asked me for my number.

Honestly, how can two people meet and connect that quickly? So, without a second of a doubt, I believed that he was my other half. He told me he believed that as well.

But I guess love isn’t everlasting. We…well, “I” experienced two years of fiery love and until the day he asked to break up, I truly believed he was going to be my future husband. Honestly, we were arguing a lot lately and we both seemed to¬†be losing¬†patience with one another. I guess I should have seen it coming.

But that makes me think. How do people decide who they will marry? There were a few couples around me that have been dating for 3or more years and we all believed that they were going to marry but unfortunately most of them broke up. I honestly feel that that time spent with that person is pointless if its going to end eventually. I honestly want to meet someone, thinking of marriage in our near future.

In my opinion, love is not a one time thing. Love¬†occurs continuously throughout ones lifetime. And for it to lead to marriage, both sides need to meet at a certain level. Basically, those who get married are accepting each other’s flaws and mistakes. Knowing these flaws, they learn to cover for them and build a solid, flawless relationship.


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