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Looking into the world of relationships

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There were plenty of other seats in the classroom but to my luck, Mrs. Lee sat you in the seat next to mine. All that day, I didn’t hear a word the teacher said. I stared at your profile, which you didn’t seem to mind at all. You would glance at me now and then and give a slight smile, which you probably never knew but that small grin was enough to make me wet my pants. I sat still so nobody would notice but when everybody went out for recess, I silently called Mrs. Lee over and she helped me dry my clothes. Luckily, it didn’t smell too much.

You didn’t have to ask me if I wanted to walk home with you that day because I was already planning in my head the direction that our conversation would be heading as we made our way home.

All throughout middle school, junior high school, and high school, we were right next to each other. We went through every relationship together. All the tears and laughter we shared as next door neighbors. Things took an immediate turn the day you asked me to be your prom date. If only you didn’t ask me.

If only

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The rain fell down on m head as I jumped around in the muddy puddles in my new rain boots. Even if people shook their heads at me as they walked down the street under the protection of their umbrellas, I could care less because I was unique just like my grandmother always told me.

Not until I saw you pull into the driveway of the house next door, did I really begin to care what others thought of me. The way you stared out the window at me was enough to make me go crying into my house. I have never been so embarassed.

Since that day, I always cringed at your gaze. Even if I was right, I couldn’t help but feel that everything you said and did was always just. You and I were always opposites.

I couldn’t hide my shock when I first saw you coming into my classroom holding my favorite teacher’s hand. I never would have guessed that you would end up coming to my school but my class? If only you didn’t move into my neighborhood. If only you didn’t come to my school. All these if onlys continuously pop up in my head these days.

If only…

Even after death

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I never would have imagined the day
That you would be gone from my life
If only you didn’t have to feel the pain
Before you moved on to your next life
I tried to grasp your hand
But it slipped away just like your life
What am I to do with you gone from my life
The pointless conversations with others
I cannot stand this any longer
Dear love, I am on my way
To be in your arms forever


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